DFW Craft Beer

Website Design, Logo Design, Google Analytics

DFW Craft Beer is a website dedicated to craft beer and the Dallas, Fort Worth craft beer industry.  They report on happening, industry news, breweries and anything else related to craft beer locally.  It was founded out of a need to get the information about local craft beer they couldn’t find elsewhere online

About this project

We helped to build and brand DFW Craft Beer by creating a solid, effective and slickly designed website that would help them in reaching the craft beer community in Dallas and Fort Worth.  The need to be able to easily access relevant information as well as a desire to give the craft beer scene more in depth information about beer laws, industry related news and brewery related news and events.

We also helped DFW Craft Beer to manage the social marketing of their website including Twittter©, Facebook© and Instagram© to be able to reach a wider audience with their message and branding.

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