Napa Valley 1839 Futbol CLub

Website Development and Design

Napa Valley 1839 wanted to pay homage to the man who started it all in 1839, George C. Yount.  George C. Yount planted the first grapes in the Napa Valley.  What better way to remember such historic significance in the Napa Valley by wearing the 1839 on their team crest.

About this project

Michael Hitchcock was looking to have a complete site redesign and development from an outdated and underwhelming website.  They needed a website to showcase their team as well as to communicate their message to the local community and help to build up their brand and unltimately, build up a community around the Futbol Club.

Napa Valley 1839 needed a website that not only communiated about who their team was, but they also need a website where fans could gather together and find out more info about them.  We helped them to design and build this website and get them started on theri SEO like we do for all our clients.

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